Crochet Ava Fringed Poncho Is Today’s Advice For You! This adult sized crochet poncho can be worked up in a weekend and is very easy to make! The Lace Fringe Poncho is the perfect topper to any outfit.  It’s lightweight enough to keep you breezy in the warmer months, and a wonderful layering piece over sweaters when it gets chilly outside. The easier than ever 2 rectangle construction means even a brand new crocheter can make it & the unique assembly style is a fun surprise! any outfit. Crochet Ava Fringed Poncho  only uses 2 rectangles, some seaming, and the simplest tassel style fringe you’ve ever seen! It is a great project for those still new to the craft – very beginner friendly. Click on “Click here show/hide crochet tutorial” for crochet tutorial And Don’t Forget To  Follow Us.

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