Crochet Circle Purse

Hello everyone welcome back! Today I will show you how to Crochet Circle Purse. This easy to make project icludes video tutorial and free written pattern provided as a link below.

For this project I’m using teacher yarn I bought this form Etsy I use about 400 grams and crochet hook size six millimeters, scissors, yarn and needle stitch markers. Measuring tape it’s not that important if you don’t have it it’s okay. I use chain strap you can use any strap you want.

It’s very easy to make Crochet Circle Purse. We make two pieces exactly the same and enjoy them together see if we start work, then work in round and after we have two pieces we can enjoy them together this is where I toyed and then I live about eight inches open for the zipper and this is my chain strap. Inside of the Crochet Circle Purse I put the lining.

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Let’s start making Crochet Circle Purse

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Also I want to share extra free tutorial for your where you will learn how to Crochet Alphine Stitch