Crochet Ridge Texture Hat

My friends over your inspirations calm today’s the Crochet Ridge Texture Hat this is actually a hat and a combo but I’m only going to focus on the Hat today. So what we have here is red heart heatwave yarn I will show you in the video a beautiful “beach ball”. You only need one ball of yarn which will do the entire hat plus the pom-pom. It’s really not a hard hat to be able to follow and I’m going to be doing it step by step and this brim is actually I’ve already done some of the homework in advance is a slip stitch brim which is one of the best brims that you can do in crochet has a lot of elasticity to it takes a little bit longer well a lot longer to make I’m just being quite transparent here but I’ve always found that these hats that I do with this particular brim they last a lot longer and they also keep their elasticity a lot longer. So the extra time that you’ll spend working on the brim is something that you’ll benefit with it in the long term so without further a do. we’re going to be using a five millimeter size H crochet hook. So Let’s start to make the Crochet Ridge Texture Hat now!

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Also I want to share extra free tutorial for your where you will learn how to Crochet Alphine Stitch