how to make a crochet heart

Video i’m gonna be showing you how to make a mini cartoon looking amigurumi crochet heart. I’m working on for to come out this Valentine’s Day. alright so for this pattern you’re going to need the following materials I’m using worsted weight cotton yarn and in one color only in color pink I’ll be making a pink heart in this video because I’m using worsted weight yarn I’m using a size G 4 millimeter crochet hook you can use a smaller crochet hook as well you can get tighter stitches with that you’ll also need a darning needle I suggest using a crimped end darning needle one with like a little bent end like that it helped you so in the end you’ll also need a pair of scissors some stuffing and something this stuff it with I suggest using maybe like a little stick. This pattern is pretty easy I’m going to be going relatively slow in this video so that it can be accessible for relative beginners. As well if you have any questions in this pattern let me know in the comments down below and I can help as much as I possibly can.

Let’s Learn how to make Crochet Heart!

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