Scrap Potholders Crochet Patterns

You Will Find Scrap Potholders Crochet Patterns Below

Today I want to share beautiful, Easy to make Scrap Potholders Crochet Pattern Set of 6.! Three use size 3 cotton thread and two use size 10 cotton thread. The flowers and circle centers are made with either size 10 or 30 threads. These projects are great for using up your scrap threads. Patterns are very flexible; they can be crocheted in the round, in rows or in an open ripple or closed ripple. Sizes are easily adjustable.

Materials: 1 oz, or 30 grams total of bedspread weight thread, 53% variegated or mixture of scrap threads, 47% white or another neutral color; size 8 steel Susan Bates crochet hook, or 1-2 sizes smaller in Boye. Vintage Puritan Bedspread weight thread used in model – white and pink/yellow variegated color #177, stitch markers. Scrap Potholders Crochet Patterns Are Below!

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