Valentine Rose Ball Crochet

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make and assemble this beautiful Valentine Rose Ball Crochet. Valentine rose ball now this is a really fun little decoration that you can make with crochet roses and I did shades of pink and red. You could hang this from a doorknob, you could hang it from a window you could do a series of them and make a garland. So we’re gonna learn how To make this very easy one row rosette and assemble it and add it to this ball it’s just a simple Styrofoam ball underneath and there is a hanging loop at the top so let’s get started for this project. You’re going to need a hot glue gun which I have here some glue sticks to go in your glue gun whatever kind you have whatever goes with your glue gun you’re going to need a pair of scissors you’ll need some ribbon this is a great way to use up some scrap ribbon or even some scrap yarn if you prefer you’re gonna need a Styrofoam ball mine’s about three and a half inches wide you can get these at the craft store, you’ll need two pins these are just some sewing pins that I have on hand and your scissors and for the yarn now this is what I’m using you can really use any yarn you like and a corresponding hook I’m going to be usingred heart Super Saver and I picked the most Valentine’s Day colors that I could find in my yarn stash I’m using red heart Super Saver and each skein of this.

Let’s start making Valentine Rose Ball Crochet!

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